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the spring is there

Published on Wednesday, April 20, 2016, 17:18

The spring is there and Landes(Moors) of Gascony dress(take on) their most beautiful attires to welcome you in lands Girondist and from the Landes.
To facilitate you the discovery, the Park has just published, as usual, the " card(map) of the territory " dated, the " magazine(review) of the discoveries ", real sesame of the good local initiatives, and " the schedule(diary) of the demonstrations(appearances) of the spring ".
The latter are rich and reserve you of pleasant surprises. To arouse your surprise, it is enough to borrow the train, leading to the ecomuseum of Marquèze which welcomes, for this season 2016, the exhibition(exposure) Arnaudin; it is enough to participate in one of the numerous demonstrations(appearances) organized within the framework of the spring of Landes(Moors); it is enough to form in the ornithology of ground in the bird sanctuary

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